Go Air
Go Air is India's low cost domestic airline flying to 21 Indian states at a very cheap rate. It connects almost all major cities of India with over approximately 100 flights daily.

Services offered
In Economy class seating no complimentary meal service is provided. but meals,snacks and other beverages can be bought through buy-on-board in flight meal programme. In flight entertainment systems are minimal offering official In flight magazine Go-Getter only.
also duty free products are available

Premium services are offered as GoBusiness for which passenger gets seats in the first three rows of the aircraft,free meals are provided and there is increase in luggage allowance.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways is one of the major airlines of India operating over 1000 flights daily to 76 destinations worldwide. It offers First class,
Premiere(Business)class and Economy class services.
As an In-flight entertainment a JetScreen Entertainment system is provided which offers a virtual feast of entertainment for the guests- from blockbuster movies to the latest music albums, from award-winning TV shows to the best games.

Jet konnect is a low cost brand of Jet Airways which offers cheap air tickets with no meals.but meals can be bought through SkyCafé, all-new in-flight menu on board Jet Konnect flights.

Spring Airlines
Spring Airlines is China's only no frills low cost Airlines. It offers fares 30% lower than the other Airlines.It connects almost all destinations of China and international destinations such as Greater Tokyo and Takamatsu in Japan, as well as regional destinations such as Hong Kong and Macau.

Premier services offered by this airlines is called as Spring plus where passengers get front row 
seating, dedicated elite services, freshly prepared meals, flexible ticket changes and refunds, extra baggage allowance.