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Dona Paula

Dona Paula beach, also called as Lovers Paradise is situated in North Goa.

This beach is named after Dona Paula de Menezes, the daughter of viceroy of Portuguese India.She threw herself off the cliff for not allowing her to marry a local fisherman.

One of the reasons to make this place a major tourist attraction is the myth attach to this place which says that Dona Paula is suppose to be seen emerging from the moonlit waves wearing only a pearl necklace.


The Cabo Raj Bhavan (House of Governor of Goa) is situated at a scenic spot of Dona Paula.

Also you will find here historic British war-graves cemetery.


There are many hotels here where one can find room with facilities as per requirement.

Rates may vary depending on the type of hotel or resort where one would like to stay.

How to reach.

Dona Paula is 8.1 kms from Kadamba bus Terminus,Panaji Goa.  

Travelling can be done by taxi,motorcycle taxi or rickshaw. 

Cheapest way of travelling is by local buses which can be boarded from kadamba bus terminal from Panaji Goa.

Also one can hire a car or motorbike provided you are having license.