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Cabo De Rama Fort

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Cabo De Rama fort is situated in the Canacona region,South goa.

This fort also known as Cape Rama Fort. It is said that Lord Rama accompanied by his wife Sita took refuge here during his exile from Ayodhya for 14 years.

This fort was originally constructed by hindu warriors. Later in 1763 it was captured by Portuguese after defeating the Raja (King) of Soonda and renovated it subsequently. This fort has been under Hindu, Muslim rulers and the Portuguese and witnessed many battles.

Inside this fort there is the church of Santo Antonio which is in excellent condition and is still used by devotees.

This fort was abandoned when the Portuguese left this place. Later, this fort housed a government prison till 1955 and was abandoned again. 

Today, this fort is in ruins, but is a popular tourist attraction of Goa.

This place can easily be reached by hiring a taxi.