The Mangeshi temple

The Mangeshi Temple is a famous temple situated in Priol, Ponda Goa.It is about 21 kms from capital city Panaji

This temple is dedicated to Lord Mangesh, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.
The ancient legend states that Lord Shiva once lost everything he had in a game of dice with his wife Parvati. So he decided to go into self-imposed exile and arrived in Goa. 
Parvati also came to Goa looking for Him. 

To frightened Parvati Lord Shiva turn himself into a Tiger. She on seeing the tiger (Lord Shiva)  cried for help saying 'Trahi Mam Girisha'. On hearing this Lord Shiva came back into his normal form.
This is how Lord Shiva is known as Lord Mangesh.

The Temple consists of pillars,Nandi bull (vehicle of Lord Shiva), beautiful seven-storeyed deepstambha (lamp tower).There is also a magnificent water tank near the entrance of the temple.