Tower of the Church of St.Augustine,Old Goa

The Church was built in 1602 by the Augustinian friars.the tower is 46m high and it is built of laterite.It  has four storey with an arch in each and was meant to serve as a belfry and formed  part of the façade of the Church facing east.attached to the Church there were eight richly adorned chapels, four altars and a convent with numerous cells and artistic columns. they are all in ruins now.
Due to the religious suppression in 1835 the friars deserted the church and convent. later the structure felt into neglect resulting in the collapse of vault in 1842 and later other parts also collapsed.

The bell from the tower was initially taken to fort Aguada and later in 1871 was shifted to the lady Immaculate Church in Capital city Panaji.