The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Canacona taluka..

This is the southernmost sanctuary in Goa which supports three forest types: Moist deciduous forests—the prevalent forest type, semi-evergreen forests, and evergreen forests.

The  animals seen in the sanctuary consists of flying squirrel, slender loris, Indian pangolin, mouse deer, four-horned antelope, Malabar pit viper, hump-nosed pit viper, white-bellied woodpecker, Malabar trogon, velvet-fronted nuthatch, heart-spotted woodpecker, speckled piculet, Malayan bittern, draco or flying lizard, golden-back gliding snake, and Malabar tree toad.

Animals can be sighted only when they come in open due to the dense vegetation of the forest.

The sanctuary has eight well-laid-out nature trails traversing it. The length of the which ranges from 500 metres to 5 kilometres.

There are six watchtowers and one tree top in the sanctuary. this tree top is situated about 20 metres high on a tree overlooking a waterhole.  

The Gal and Talpona rivers of Canacona Taluka originate from the sanctuary.

At the entrance to the sanctuary there is an ecotourism complex that houses the nature interpretation centre, cottages, toilets, library, reception area and rescue centre, canteen and range forest office.

The sanctuary has been declared a plastic-free zone by the state government and violators are prosecuted with a fine.